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Book Launch: One Step Ahead by Kelvin Spiller

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

'One Step Ahead' by Kelvin Spiller was released on Thursday 12th of September and is available to purchase online via

About the book

One Step Ahead is required reading for all those who aspire to lead.

If you are working in a business in the private sector, an organisation in a federal or state government department, local government, water sector, statutory authority or a not-for-profit - you will be interested in my insights.

This book will give you the information and tools to:

  • Prepare, plan, position and implement a strategy to kick start your career

  • Recognise the gaps in your development as a leader and how to fill them

  • Hit the ground running when appointed to your new leadership position, with practical advice and tools to keep you focused and on track

  • Improve the chances of your success in the first 100 days, the first year, and into the future

The author

Kelvin is passionate about sharing his experience and lifetime of learning with the next generation of leaders. He has led by example during his career in numerous senior executive positions, 8 CEO roles, a director and chair of numerous boards and committees, and as an executive coach and mentor to over 100 leaders, CEOs, and business owners in over 25 industry sectors.

He has successfully lived every chapter of this book.

If you enjoy reading One Step Ahead, we would appreciate if you could share your feedback with friends, family, colleagues and LinkedIn connections!

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